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BOOK REVIEW: The last keeper by J. V. Hilliard

The last keeper by J. V. Hilliard 📚

“The last keeper” was a high fantasy book with an amazing world and expansive plot. Fans of “Game of Thrones” and “Lord of the Rings” will definitely enjoy “The Last Keeper”.

It is the first book of the Warminister series. The word building in the book was epic and it made me fall in love with the writing. The description of the places were so detailed and vivid that I felt like I was right there.

The writing style was articulate and witty. The tone of the book was charming and impartial. The plot was layered and get cohesive. Normally, while reading a longer book, parts of the book lose steam but that was not the case with this book.

There were 3 distinct story lines that was happening in parallel. The 3 stories actually converge into an explosive ending.

The last keeper by J. V. Hilliard

I loved how the author had created analogies from the real world such as the prejudice that was attached to being a trollborn in the book. The mix breed troll borns were not treated well and the high borns pure blooded people were taught not to mix with them.

All this really got me thinking about the real world scenario where we suffer through this kind of prejudices to this day.

Daemus Alaric was a low keeper who was born blind but later got the gift of sight and visions. Sir Ritter Valkaneer was a trollborn who fought valiantly with his comrades to keep his people safe. He had the unique affinity to his Falcon, Storm. Addilyn Elspeth was an Elven Princess.

She journeys to her father where she meets Ritter and a friendship develops. She had an encounter with a magical creature called Terrine which foretold a reckoning. Graytoris, the mad fallen keeper is one of the main villains in the book.

The last keeper by J. V. Hilliard

The book ends in a cliffhanger in Castleshire where all 3 characters meet. I for one can’t wait to read the next book. If you like High Fantasy, pick this up for sure.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

-Afreen Khalil

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