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BOOK REVIEW: Angelfyre by Lydan Francis

Angelfyre by Lydan Francis 📚

Angelfyre was an unique, thrilling and entertaining Science Fiction Novel. It can be read by everyone who likes Sci-Fi. It took me about 4-5 days to complete the book. This was the book one of the series.

Angelfyre was about synthetic intelligence, aliens, spaceships and turf wars. I loved reading about the different worlds the author had created.

The writing style was articulate and grandiloquent. The tone of the book was earnest and informative. The pace of the book was slow.

The plot was pretty straightforward and action packed. The characters in the book had good development as the story progressed. I especially enjoyed the SI- Angel’s transformation. The narration was in third person.

Angelfyre by Lydan Francis

The story was about Casey, A felsian girl and the SI- Angel. Felsian were hybrid between humans and extra terrestrials called Fel. They were illegal so Casey had to lie low. She was brought up by a bad ass woman called Elissa.

Suddenly, Casey finds herself in possession of an SI after an incident. She also finds out that she is to be the pilot of Angelfyre, the most advanced spaceship out there. But trouble is not far. Will Casey and Angel escape or die trying? Read to find out!

I would recommend this book to everyone who read Sci-Fi.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

-Afreen Khalil

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Hola! fellow book lovers! Welcome to my blog. I am Afreen from Chennai, India. My journey with reading started at a young age and it continued into an undying passion. I also dabble at writing prose and poetry. I am Speech Language Pathologist by day and a Bibliophile/ Writer by night! The one place for no-nonsense reviews.

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