BOOK REVIEW: Xonarye by S.H.S

Xonarye by S.H.S was a really funky experience for me. I have not read anything like it before. It reminded of the National Treasure and Black Panther movie. It was essentially a very elaborate treasure hunt.

But the treasure was not gold. It was a powerful lost civilization, Xonarye which was home to an indestructible element, Xzed. Sounds really exciting right?

The writing was articulate. The language used was lucid. The narration was in third person. The pace of the book was fast. It was a really short, quick read. It was set in Naracoorte, Australia.

It was centred around Leaf (tradie), Summo(salesman) and Spence (farmer). The book really showed the bond between the three friends which was beautiful to see.

Xonarye by S.H.S

Leaf found a mysterious box in the wall of his house which lead to more discoveries. He and his friends were now in charge of getting the lost country of Xonarye to rise again.

Though initially, they were hesitant to go on this journey, they soon discovered the truth behind the words.

So they banded together against the evil corporation called Reblick which wanted Xzed for themselves. It was a really cool journey.

I wanted to read more about them and the book didn’t give me enough. I am looking forward to read the next installment of this series.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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