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BOOK REVIEW: Carnival Panic by Catori Sarmiento

Carnival Panic is Literary Titan award winner and Kops- Fethering International Book Silver award winner. Carnival panic seizes you from the opening of the book and keeps you in a trance like state as you read it.

It’s an absolute page turner which gets more dangerous as we read. For fans of Hunger games and the movie 13 sins, you are in for a treat. This book is based on a lethal televised game show.

It’s set in a dystopian futuristic land where people drink dirty water to survive. Only the rich has access to purer air and water while the poor suffer and perish.

The writing style was punchy and articulate. The language was eloquent and lucid. The tone of the book was cynical and grim. Each chapter of the book was narrated by different participants of the game show.

This allowed us to get a glimpse on all the characters of the book, their background, the tasks that faced and why they chose to enter this competition.

Carnival Panic by Catori Sarmiento

Carnival panic had its own set rules and the only guarantee they gave was that you will not be killed during the show. You may be maimed, injured, burnt, but you will not get be killed. People still participated because of the huge monetary incentive.

Due to extreme poverty, many people applied. But the show only chose people who the audience would love. Each task in the show has vicious traps. There are bunnies on the show that harm you unless you give them candy. Who will survive this brutal game and emerge victorious? Read to find out!

The book was thoroughly engaging and thrilling. As the participants face the tasks, I felt the fear too and the is a sign of good writing. I would recommend this book to readers who love Dystopian Fiction, Fantasy and Thrillers.

Read it / Skip it- My verdict- Read

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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