BOOK REVIEW: No trespassing by Brinda S Narayan

“No trespassing” is a riveting tale of a mother seeking redemption for the death of her son. From page one, the book pulls you in and keeps providing us clues to unravel.

The language of the book is exquisite and lucid. The narration is fluid and is narrated by the mother, Vedika.

The writing style the author uses is fluent and ornate. The tone and the mood of the book invoked the feeling of dread within me as I read the book.

The characters were well etched and each person had lasting impact on the reader. The central theme of the story is the anguish of faces by the mother while uncovering the scandal behind her son’s death.

No Trespassing by Brinda S Narayan

The death of a young boy, Sajan occurs in a luxury gated community called Fantasia. While everyone is convince the death is only an unfortunate accident, Vedika is determined to find the murderer.

She is herself haunted by recurring dreams from her past. She goes on a journey that links her past and present in a morbid manner. Will she survive to tell the world the truth she discovered or does she die trying?

Read to find out!

This is an absolute MUST READ for all thriller lovers. It maybe a bit slow to start off but it is worth it in the end. Hands down the best thriller I’ve read this year by an Indian Author.

Read it / Skip it- My verdict- READ

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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